Oslo Cross Country Skiing

Oslo is an truly amazing winter city and cross country skiing is huge here! Yesterday where cross country skiing day for me and the wife and if you like cross country skiing this is not a bad place during winter time. Read somewhere that Oslo have about 3200km of tracks for cross country skiing. I might not be that surprising that they are one of the number one countries in the world in this sport.

Yesterday me and G went cross country skiing. We stayed in the district of Majorstuen and took the subway to Frognerseter with our skis. The we skies from there to a place called Tryvann which also have a downhill skiing facility and continued right by it down to the cottage in Ullevålseter. In Ullevålseter we took a break and had a Norwegian waffle and hot coco that we bought in the cafe that’s run by the sports club Lyn which is a pretty successful cross country skiing club. It all can be seen while eating there. The beams and walls are full of big trophies and prizes.

After that we continues down to Sognsvann where we took the subway back. So a almost 12 km trip in perfect conditions if you live cross country skiing this is a great route even if it’s a bit crowded from time to time.

Highly recommended. Even if I know this might not be the number one activity on your list of what to do in Oslo but it’s a great place for it. Just saying.

Skiing Weekend!

This weekend I finally went skiing. After last weekends failed attempt to go cross country skiing due to a sick wife we finally made it this weekend.Perfect weather with clear blue sunny skies, a lot of snow and minus 13 degrees Celsius. Doesn’t get much better than that to be honest.We went to a place about 1 hour north of Oslo by car called Brovoll. The only way to get there is by car as I know. This isn’t a ski resort or something like that but an small place that was recommended by Norwegian friends. A small house with a small cafe and just first class tracks for cross country skiing. Where an amazing weekend and getting out into the woods on skies a sunny winters day is hard to beat. The snow covered trees and the meter think layer of snow that covers the ground. The silence of absolutely nothing is breathtaking. When I go skiing in that kind of conditions everything else just disappears. It’s good for me I’m sure it that. By the way had my GoPro with my and just had to try it out. Might come a short video later.Have you tried cross country skiing? Let me know if you want to try Brovoll and I can give you the location more exact.

Lifeguard Thursday!

It’s back! Lifeguard Thursday! Back in Gothenburg and trying to get into good routines and good habits. Before I moved to Oslo I trained lifeguarding once a week and where even competing in it. After moving back to Gothenburg it’s been a bit difficult to settle in and get things to work with a new job and a lot of traveling to Oslo and finding an apartment among other things but now I’m hoping all of that is set and I’m good to get to start with the lifeguarding again.

It’s now everyone that knows that lifeguarding is a sport that you could compete in and in Scandinavia we got a lifeguarding competition called Nordic relay that’s adapted to indoors which I’m real great full for with our climate. However there is also international versions and competitions. Did you for example know that USA tried to get the international type of the sport to become and Olympic sport.

This photo is from the Swedish championships 2017.

World Championships in cross country skiing

Forth day in a row that I’m watching cross country skiing. Watching in at Norwegian public broadcasting company NRK. And it’s quite entertaining. Right now it’s world championships in Falun Sweden and the interest in Sweden is big but here in Norway it’s even bigger. This is a big sport in Sweden but it’s even bigger in Norway and both nations are really good. I would say that Norway is the best nation in the world but all Swedish gold medals and every day we are beating the Norwegians are good days.

And today Sweden won another gold.

Seasons first NHL-game

Tonight G have been working late and then I took the opportunity to watch some hockey while I was preparing dinner. So I look if there was any games and the game between Boston and Colorado was on so followed it.

First NHL game I watched this season and was a good game that wasn’t over until there was 0.4 seconds left. Also a lot of Swedish player to follow such as the goalie Niklas Svedberg the was the net-minder for Boston in this game.

Impressed by the Swedes in Boston, I my op pinion the line with Eriksson and Soderberg was the best line in Boston tonight. Think they both will have a great season.

Always fun to watch great hockey. Not always the games from the NHL i broadcasted in such good times for my.

VM Tider

Nu är det hockey VM-tider till min stora förtjusning men ganska säker på att min sambo inte riktigt känner likadant. Men det är verkligen inget tokfokus här hemma men har blivit ganska mycket hockey senaste dagarna, det måste jag säga. Men just nu är det fullt ös på jobbet samtidigt så har inte sådär fruktansvärt mycket tid över.

OS är över

OS är över och det slutade i moll för svensk del men jag kan inte få nog av sport kan det tyckas för redan i går kväll bokade jag biljetter till världskuppen uppe i Holmenkollen om två veckor. Bor man i Norge så kan man ju inte missat att ha sett längdskidor och backhoppning live. Eller vad säger ni?

Så nya friska tag och det finns så mycket spännande och underbar sport kvar där ute att följa och sedan finns det ju alltid massor av energi, tankar och idéer som jag vill förverkliga.