Staring a chair project

Sunday and mixed feelings. A great weekend but my wife G is going back to Oslo and I’m going back to Gothenburg. However, I’ve got a project in the making. I’ve picked up five old school chairs from the first part of the last decade. What’s cool about stuff that old is that the material is massive. It’s good wooden material and the wood is massive. The steel is also the real deal.

What’s the plan? The plan is that I’m going to take of the chairs and make it the prototype in order to see how things turn out. The thought right now is to dismantle the chair. Sandpaper the surface of both the wood and the painted steel. Repair the damages to the wood and to paint it with clear coating. Then to spray the steel frame with primer a few times and the paint it leaf green and assemble all pieces again.

Super excited for all of this right know and very curious of how it all will turn out. Have you done something similar, please leave med some advice in the comments.

Sunday walk

Last Sunday me and my girlfriend G took a walk along the new walk along the waterfront here in Oslo. It a rather new walk and our walk became approximately 10 km.

I took my camera with me and works o. My photography skills. Think photograph is very fun and it’s a interest I’ve got and that I really like to improve. Here are some photos from the walk.


1st NFL Sunday of the year

Time for the first NFL Sunday of the year and even if the 49ers don’t play today I watch sea hawks vs rams. Have the game on in the background just to follow it at the same time as I’m preparing some post for the blog that will be published later on this week and making some Italian pizza. You who follow the blog might already know that I really like Italian food.

If you got any NFL podcasts to recommend  or Italian recipes for me your more than welcome to leave a comment below or if you just have anything else you want to comment on.

I also writing some reviews on my yelp account and preparing some stuff for the upcoming week.

Festival Sunday

There has been a festival in Oslo over the weekend but me and G haven’t been there yet. But today we will go and visit the picnic festival which not is free as it might sound and it’s a music festival even if it sounds like a food festival. 

We bough the tickets a few days ago and I’m looking forward to it. There is a lot of bands that I know of but knows some of them and I’m excited to hopefully discover some new music.

So now it’s time to get ready for a festival sunday here in Oslo.

Sunday projects

Yesterday it was Sunday and I took farewell of my sister M and her boyfriend V. G worked for a few hour and I worked briefly on a project with a friend that I’m involved in. We had a nice dinner and a short little walk. 

When G where away working I to myself the liberty and watched a movie and worked some with some photos I’ve taken. Where so fun to work a little bit with my photography again where a long time since I got the time for it last. And that was pretty much it. These kind if days passes by so quickly.

The new week has now begun and there are some things to do. This will be a short week for be because I’m heading to Sweden during this weekend in order to celebrate midsummer. One of the most celebrated holidays in Sweden.


Slow Sunday

Yesterday my body where a bit out of balance. Felt signs of a cold  so I spend most of the day by taking it easy and try to relax and get back in shape again. So watch another episode if million dollar listing New York. Kind of like that tv show even if it might border to a guilty pleaser tv serie. The. I’ve read a New York time article about seal team 6 which I realize is a subject that always interest me. Then in must admit I love seeing myself as a person that reads the New York Times. Can’t really explain it but makes me feel more international I realize. These kind if feelings a strange but I think we all got those kind of this that we like thy we do.

To get back in track about my day I’ve also bbqed in my balcony and read though some thing for the upcoming week. 


Movie and hockey Sunday

Yesterday was a relaxing day. I woke up very early and said goodbye to G that left for trip to the USA with her work. Felt a bit lonely to know that we will be away from each other for almost a week now. But then it’s just a week.

After that I tried to get some sleep but couldn’t sleep might have gotten maximum one hour of sleep so watched tv and listened to podcast.

Then I went up and had breakfast with G’s sister K who visited over the weekend. We had a nice breakfast with waffels and watched the Zoolander movie. After that we watched Dodgeball and then Bridesmaids. A real movie Sunday inte sofa.

Then I followed K to the train that took her to the airport and after that I went home and watched the hockey world championship game between Denmark and Finland. After that I got a quick phone call from G just to let me know she where had come to the hotel safely and after that I went to bed.

Last night I tried to record a video for the blogg as a test. Have you seen it? Did it work good?