West Coast Kayaking

I’ve been kayaking before but last weekends winds where around 8-10 m/s so that where a decent challenge. Especially since it was the third time I was out kayaking at sea. However, I’ve spent more time kayaking in lakes.

The crew for the trip where 3 out of 4 members that will go to Lofoten in 2,5 week. It was me, my wife G and out Norwegian friend A. So we geared up and paddles out into the waves and it took some effort and about 2 hour before we reached the island Ängholmen about 5 kilometers from Marstrand that is a more famous location at the Swedish west coast.

There we set camp for the night and and had a really nice evening swimming, testing tents, sleeping gear and outdoor kitchens for the trip to Lofoten. Where a pretty nice test. Windy but rather warm temperatures in the air and sunny. Also got some pretty nice photos. And I had 24 hours without internet. I just sent texts telling my family when I arrived and left locations and took a few photos. Most photos however, I took with my GoPro camera.

Loved kayaking at the west coast so it might happen again.

NHL: Swedish Norris Trophy Candidates 

When this season started I had went through what Swedish Defenders that might be able to be contenders for this years Norris Trophy.

1. Erik Karlsson
The two time winner of the Norris Trophy and the captain of the Ottawa Senators. Karlsson makes so many points that he get in among the players with most points in the NHL overall. Quick and offensive qualities that often gives Ottawa an extra edge. I think he will be a contender this year and I’ve though so all season long.
2. Victor Hedman
Rather similar qualities as Karlsson and can when he’s in the right shape also produce points but he’s also good in the defensive game. In the Stanley Cup final and the playoff he was one of the best players in Tampa Bay Lightning. Unfortunately he haven’t started the seasons as good as we all hoped and he doesn’t play first power play right now either. If he get more even on the high level of hockey he has with he can become a contender but I think it will be though this year. But he still have many good years in front of him to compete for that title.
3. John Klingberg
I know he’s goo I’ve seen him in the SHL before he came to NHL and both he and Karlsson comes from the same Swedish SHL club Frölunda. Similar to Karlsson with big offensive qualities. So far he have really delivered and for a while he had the most points of all players in the entire NHL. Even more than all forwards. And he have made more points than Erik Karlsson himself. Thir guy I though would be a dark horse for the Norris Trophy I would see as a clear contender this year.
4. Oliver Ekman Larsson
A good defender but he plays of Arizona which not exactly is the best team in the NHL but this season they have got a better team and seams to slowly be moving forward and then Ekman Larsson might get a better shoot on the Norris Trophy.
There are also other great Swedish defenders such as Hampus Lindholm but I think I playa a to defensive style to win right now. There is also several Swedish defensmen who now I reaching a higher age and because of that not will be able to fight for this trophy but still are great defensmen.

Movie Review: Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation

I while ago I finally saw the new Mission Impossible 5 Rouge Nation. To start with, I’m a big fan of the mission impossible movies much because of the great action scenes that’s always are great coordinated and then here are a lot of gadgets and suiting scenery. For me as a Swede there are several scenes where they entirely speak Swedish. There are also Swedish actors in i major parts of the movie for the second movie in a row.

The story is good and I think this is the best action movie I seen in a while. In fact this is a great action movie for me and I would give it 4 out 5 points. Its close to 5 but something that I can’t even explain is missing and because of the its just a 4 but still close to a 5.

Midsummer Day

Good morning everyone! Today is midsummer which is a very special Swedish holiday. I’m really looking forward to the day that I will spend together with G and our friends E and N and their two kids.

Midsummer is a Swedish holiday where we celebrate the Swedish summer and is an very old tradition in Sweden where we dance abound the midsummer pole that in fact is a symbol of fertility and sing songs about the little frogs (små grodorna is the Swedish song title) and the fox that runs over the ice (räven raskar över isen is the Swedish song title). All quite strange texts when I reflect upon it and most things of this have designated dance moves.

Then we eat the traditional Swedish holiday food such as herring, meatballs, salmon and potatoes. To this it’s tradition to drink schnapps and other beverages. 

It’s also a day there the girls and women wear flowers in their hair and the days the the Swedish people are celebrating the most that they are Swedes.

So from me to all of you readers have a nice midsummer day! 


Swedish country side

I’ve spent a few days in the Swedish country side as I’ve mentioned earlier and it has been great. Just the magic silence of nothing is fantastic. Just long walks in the woods and by the lake. Took a long walk yesterday with the camera. Got some nice pictures of the beautiful nature up there. Is so relaxing up in the cabin. It has been real winter weather as well which is nice.



Lucia a Classic Swedish tradition

Today is December 13th and that ‘s the Lucia day in Sweden and also in Norway but it’s not such a big thing in Norway as it is in Sweden. I’ve learned that yesterday while taking with some Norwegian here in Oslo. In Sweden Lucia is a classic traditional day thats very important for all Swedes in general I would say. For me this will probably be the first time ever in my life that I not will celebrate it as you should. Anyway I think I do what I can out of it and today the plan is make some saffran buns or “Lussekatter” as we say in Sweden if I just can find all ingredients to it. Other than that I will try to make some “Pepparkakor” or ginger bread as you say in English.

I’ve been thinking about how to explain Lucia for you follower and I just stumbled over this video that describes it quite well. I know its called Lucia for dummies and I don’t think you are any dummies reading this blog but it’s a rather good explanation. You will see.

Egg and bacon breakfast

Today I’m having a relaxing day or that’s at least the plan. So started out with sleeping and the an amazing egg and bacon breakfast. Don’t think I ever eaten that at home but it was so good.


Now it’s time to get out on a classic Swedish “fika” with some of G’s Swedish co-workers. For you who don’t know what a Swedish “fika” is, it’s having a rather little break into the day where you socialize over a Coffe and a pastry.

First advent

Don’t know if it exist in the rest the world but today it’s the first advent. That means that it’s the first out of four Sundays before Christmas Eve.

That means lighting the candles, eating gingerbread and drinking the traditional drink Glögg that is muled wine and also to drink Julmust that apparently is translated into Christmas root beer. These two drinks are really nice. But think I will get back to you more on that topic later. And in fact they are really specific for Sweden that they don’t have them in Norway so we had to import these things especially so we could have them at home now in December.



Hockey and cleaning

Cleaning and hockey is a perfect combination. Hate cleaning but who don’t l? So I’m cleaning here at home and just watched my favorite team Frölunda Indiana from Gothenburg win gains Modo from Örnsköldsvik. Great to see them win. They are looking strong this year hope they win this year.

Thanksgiving dinner

Tonight we had thanksgiving dinner with G’s family here in the cottage in e the Swedish country side. I am great full for being a part of here family and they have welcomed me into the family. That was long time ago but anyway.

Had an amazing day here in Dalsland event if the work with the road was something that I’ve didn’t expect but was nice to work with something like that and was free work out.

Had a great day!