Restaurant Review: Taco República, Oslo

Walked by a few weeks ago and because I’m a big fan of Mexican food me and my girlfriend tried it out for lunch.

At a first glance this place gives you kind of a trendy atmosphere but when you look closer it’s a nice restaurant with a chill interior but not as trendy as I first perceived it as. It’s a popular place to go but we got the last table.

We tried the tacos and I’ve got to say that the pork tacos where the best. They also had a good lemonade that I enjoyed. The food is good and authentic Mexican food, at least that’s what it tastes like.

There service is shifting just by the time I visited I found the some of the staff is real friendly and some are acting a bit strange.

But if you like Mexican food, its not the best place in town but it have good food and I would still think its worth trying out and I give it 3 out 5 points.