Tech Testing Monday

Trying a new blogging app, as I’ve written earlier have I had some problems with the apps that I’ve used earlier so now I am trying a new one. So far so good I have to say, let’s hope it continues this way.

Tonight I have plans to fix some things at home and take a little walk so I keep moving. Been sitting still a lot of the day. Then I’m testing G fathers new NAS. Exciting, think both of us finds it rather fun to test it.

Will keep you posted and maybe a little review of the NAS later on when we get it up and running more than it is today.

Review: Lastpass

I found Lastpass though a Swedish tech pod called Slashat that I’ve been listening to for the last 3 years from time to time. Even if I got to admit that it have been less lately. I like tech but am not that good at it as I wish I was maybe but I try. But this app is great it helps me remember passwords for different sites in a secure way and also suggest new password. So I have started to use this and been using it now for a few months and got to say that it works fine.

I’m not super pleased with it and it have some small things that I would like to be better such as how it works on my MacBook and on my iOS devices. The apps could be better and work more seamless.

I would recommend it and say that this is something you should use but I’m still in doubt if this is the best product out there for this purpose. But I’m giving it 4 out of 5 points in my review here.

Here is the link to the webpage.

Last couple of weeks I got a recommendation about 1password so thats what I’m trying out now and hope to get back to you with a review on that one later on.

New Apple event

Next week there will be a new Apple event at their headquarter in California. From what I’ve heard will there be a new iPad and OS X Yosemite will be released and new macs. The date is 16 October.

The iPad is now big thing for me right now I mean I already got two of them that I use frequently so it’s not that likely that I will buy a new one. But I will upgrade to OS X Yosemite that’s almost certain. Really hope the announcer on the 16th.

I will keep you posted.

Tech project

I only got a few minutes over here and there this week but I have at least been able to start a tech project. I’m trying to build something out of the raspberry pi that I bough two summers ago. So far I’m still in the beginning if the project so we will see how it ends.

I’m interested in tech news and like tech but I have never built anything on my own. But now I’m trying to build something now and it’s quite fun so far and I hope it turns out well quite soon.

The goal is to build a secure VPN so I can surf safely where ever I am in the world with my devices.

If I’m realistic I think I might be able to finish it some time in December but hope I’m finished long before that.

The Podcast Hunt

I have listed to podcast since at least 2006 and always looking for new good podcast to follow. So this post have two purposes. First to recommend my favorite English podcast right now and then I hope to get you favorites.

Right now there are only two of my favorite podcasts that are in English. One about tech and one that are more general and that I have difficulties to define but I would call it entertainment.

This week in tech
California based podcast with discussions about tech news from every week and they also talks about trends within the tech area. Like the host Leo of the show and he has always interesting guests that provide the show with different perspectives.

The Filip and Fredrik podcast
The biggest podcast in Sweden for many years and this summer they rebranded their podcast and started to do it in English. Small talk between two guys. I think you have to listen to it to understand I can simply not explain it.

What podcasts are your recommendations? Please leave them in the comments below.

Summarizing the Apple Event

After months of waiting at least from me Apple had their event. Unfortunately the video feed from Apple had problems so it was very difficult to follow what was going on. But here is the short summary.

There will we two new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. iOS 8 will be released 17th September. However we heard nothing about OSX Yosemite. You can also download U2s’ latest album for free on iTunes.

And one more thing…

Apple watch where presented and it looks great. Right now I really want one but they will start selling early in 2015.

That’s the short summary and I will probably come back to it more later.

Right now I’m looking forward to try the new iOS 8 when it comes next week.

Testing Hyperlapse

Last couple of days I been testing the latest app from the Instagram crew. The app is called Hyperlapse and let you do exactly that: hyperlapses of things. Beautiful videos that makes exciting videos.

The interface is simple and easy to understand. The design is absolutely stunning according to me and I love it even if it’s a bit of a one trick pony. Dispute everything else it only does one thing but for that it’s great and beautiful. trying the latest app from Instagram.

The grade will be 4 out of 5. Great at what it do but miss the final edge to reach all the way to the grade 5 level.

By the way if you want me to try some other leave me a comment below so shall I see what I can do to test this.