SHL: Brynäs

So I thighs I would kick of this with introduce you to the first of the teams in the Swedish hockey league (SHL).

This is a real classic Swedish hockey team and they have won the championship 13 times and produces and the club is over 100 years old that’s tradition. The team is from the city of Gävle. So what famous players at from Brynäs? The first Swedish player inducted into the Hockey Hall of fame and with his own statue in Toronto where he played for many years, the one and only Börje Salming.  Another top NHL players that come from this team is Nicklas Bäckström the Washington Captials center. Vancovers backup goalie Jacob Markström, Eddie Läck the Caroline Hurricane goalie and Niklas Svedberg who played  backup goalie in Boston last year and now players in the KHL. So they e produces quite a lot of goalies the last year. Then there is the up and coming Jacob Silferberg, the forward that represents Anaheim Ducks today.

So far this year Brynäs have surprised be and among the top teams. I think that they defiantly will be a playoff team this year but I think they need some more time in order a team than can win the championship.