District of Södermalm

This week I’m hanging out in Stockholm Sweden on a work trip so the days I spend in Solna south of Stockholm on a course. However, the evenings I try to do something yesterday I vistaited the museum of photography and walked around old town and the castle. Tonight I had dinner at Södermalm and SoFo. It’s a chill and hip district and I think is valued as one of the coolest districts in the world. And it’s cool and very different from a lot of other places I’ve visited. Trying to take photos and to instagram and blog.

Towards Oslo

I’m on the bus heading towards Oslo and Norway for the weekend. But this time is a bit different. A few weeks ago I saw the final concert with the Swedish band Kent but this weekend it’s a new concert and a new artist. This time it’s to see the biggest artist in Sweden, Håkan Hellström. So me and G will go with a few Swedish friends that lives in Oslo and some Norwegian that will experience him for the first time. I’m super excited. 

Been thinking a lot about I best could share his music with you because all of it is in Swedish.

So hete you got a youtube video.


Norway’s largest view

Last weekend I hiked up the mountain peak Gaustatoppen here in Norway which is 1883 meters over sea level. 

It’s probably the most advanced hike I’ve done and also the highest peak I’ve climbed. Sound cool? It is but its not that advance, at least when you compare with the Norwegians. I mean there where families, old people and kids that made this hike as well. In my defense all of them in a pretty good shape but anyway. 
Gaustatoppen is located in the region of Telemark and it’s a mountain landscape and different from pretty much all other nature I’ve ever seen. The views and the nature where spectacular.

Took some pictures that I just got to share with you.

Planning for a mountain

Slowly me and my girlfriend G have started to make plans for the weekend. We got a car for a few days and thinking about making the most out of it and to see some more or Norway even if we’re still working and haven’t our vacation yet.

So what we are planning is to drive down to the Telemark region and to get up on the mountain peak Gausatoppen. From the top of Gausatoppen it’s the largest view in Norway seen to area. According to Wikipedia you can see 60 000 square kilometers that’s like 1,5 Denmark. Sounds pretty amazing for someone who really likes views like me.

I’m really hoping everything falls into place for this. I will keep you posted about this trip. Have no photos of this yet but hopefully I could share some by the end of the week.

Travel day in Italy

So today is time to go home again. This morning I woke up in Levanto and will take the train to Milan for a quick stop before I head back home to Oslo, Norway.

So the first thing was the train to Nilan where I did some shopping  and we had some lunch at the mozzarella bar near the cathedral. I had a pizza and some Chianti Classico wine. 

After that we took the bus to the airport and flew back to Oslo. Great to be back in Oslo again. Summer in Norway and Sweden is also great.

Had a real good trip and really think I would like to go back to Cinque Terra. Have you been there or thinking about?

Cinque Terra, Day 3

Today is the last entire day in Levanto and Cinque Terra here in Italy. Been an amazing vacation it’s so beautiful here and are th kind of activities that I would like to go back again.

Today’s hike where between Vernazza and Monterosso. Another absolutely stunning hike but it was more narrow and more crowded but still very beautiful. When arriving in Montorosso we stopped for lunch by the sea and after than we took the train back. When we got back we had chilled out on the roof and the we went for a appertivi and some drinks before we had dinner.

Another amazing day today and tomorrow we head back to Oslo.

Cinque Terra, Day 2

Second day waking up in Levanto right outside the first Italian national park which is Cinque Terra National Park.  Read somewhere that it was founded in 1999 that’s pretty late for me as a Swede where the first national park opened in 1909.

However yesterday it was just me and my girlfriend G that where hiking and we hiked between Riomaggiore to Manorola and then to Corniglia. All beautiful places but today the plan is to hike between Corniglia and Vernazza together with G’s family that arrived this morning. And before we leave for the hike it’s time for some lunch.

By the way now the hike is done and added some photos from the day here.

Waking up in Levanto

Today me and G sleept in which where nice can’t remember when that happened last time. But when we woke up we realized that we where in the middle of a thunderstorm with heavy rain so we had to wait it out until we could start the day but as we waited we had a simple but great breakfast. 

We prepared for a day of hiking and as soon as the rain stopped we headed for the door. We bought tickets for the national park and the train for 16 € a day and took the train to the village of Riomaggiore and from ther we hiked to Manorola. The hike was thought than expected but meet so much friendly people along the way that everything about the trip was just amazing. When we arrived in Manorola we where pretty exhausted by the combination of heat, sun and the hike over the mountain so we took pretty much the first restaurant we found. I got a pizza and my girlfriend G took a pasta.

After that we ate some granite which is a kind of Italian ice cream but more as a liquid than gelato.

We then took the bus up to the small village of Volastra and from there we hiked throug wine fields on the steep mountain sides and to the village of Corniglia. The hike took about 1,5 hour and was much easier than the first one but much because the fact that we didn’t hike up the mountainside to Volastra but instead took the bus.

We returned to Levanto and took a swim in the sea before be headed back to the apartment and got ready for the evening. The evening we spent by first having dinner at a pizzeria which we followed up by a walk along the beach and then a visit to a bar for a glass of wine and some snacks.

A fantastic day with amazing views.

Arrived in Levanto

Now me and my girlfriend G have arrived in Levanto a bit north of cinque terra. We live in the middle of the village of Levanto and just behind the “big” square which I think is called piazza Cavor if I’ve got it right. Still learning. 

So we have gotten our apartment, made a quick visit to around the closest area and bough breakfast for tomorrow and some red wine and Apperol spritz. It’s a real cosy little town. 

We went out for dinner and had gnocchi and lobster and saffran. Good but not a favorite and some white wine from the area. After that we went to a bar and had a glass of red and some snacks where we spent most of the night just talking and looking at all the people passing by. It’s a lot of Italians and not so many other tourists here which made me a bit surprised. So far so good.

Quick stop in Milan, Italy

I’m in Italy again this country that’s one of my favorites to spend my vacation in and travel to. Every time I get here I think that I must learn their beautiful language. Should really do something about it.

However, I’m in Milan and city that me and my girlfriend G are rather familiar with. She studied here for 6 month and for that time she lived in Milan and I’m in Göteborg, Sweden. That meant that I visited here quite a lot when I got the opportunity.

We’re in Milan on our way south towards Cinque Terra (The five villages as I’ve heard it translates into). Arrive late Friday night and stayed in the channel district Navigli. So we had dinner at a place called Napoli1820 which I will review later in the blog because it was a real good place. You get to know more about it then.

We stayed at a hotel near piazza Solari review of that might also come later on. Good hotel.

Saturday we had breakfast at the hotel which where among the best hotel breakfasts I’ve had in Italy and after that we checked out and took a quick visit to the old city center with the Duomo (The Chatedral) and a lot of stores. By the way the Chatedral is so big that it’s claims to have place for 50 000 people that’s as many as it lives in total in the Swedish city of Kungälv where G are from. Pretty amazing.

Then we bought some lunch and took the train towards Levanto where we will stay during our visit.