Monday and dinner with dad

Monday and the week is taking of at full pace. Full of new energy after a visit to Sweden and a lot of plans for the upcoming week. Tonight I’m home alone when G is away on an award show with her job and get back first tomorrow. But my dad will arrive to Oslo tonight, he’s here to work so we will have dinner together later tonight. Which I am looking forward to even if we saw each other as late as last Saturday.

However the week a head have plans where dinner with dad tonight is the first thing. Then the next more exciting and a bit out of the ordinary is that me and G will go away for the weekend to the mountains and a skiresort. Its a bit early on the season so we will see if we get any snow if not the plan is to hike in the area. What we know is that there not will be any alpine skiing but if there is any snow we might be able to do some cross-country skiing.

Doesn’t matter that much to me if we get any snow. One of the things I think will be nice is to see more of Norway and to get outside of Oslo for a few days and experience some new parts of this beautiful country.

We will see if you get to see any more pictures like this during this week.





Change of plans

Had plans to meet M and K this weekend but there was some change of plans so now I’m on my way to Sweden for the weekend. Even if it’s not as planned it’s feels okey. This weekend is Father’s Day in Sweden and me and G will try to gratulate our fathers. Wee will also meet our friends E and N which I’m really looking forward to. Haven’t meet them in a long time to see them again.

Will probably be a visit to Gothenburg on Saturday as well. See you tomorrow Gothenburg city.


My happy place

Here is where I spent my last day of this summer vacation. It’s not that it was the last day of the vacation but that it just was a perfect day in the environment that I love the most. On the rocks by the salt sea with some food, a book and the once I love the most in warm and sunny weather.

And it has to be on the Swedish west coast. I’m sorry I’m a west coast guy I am born end raised here and that gives you demand like this.

This is heaven on earth for me and for you that like to visit I can recommend that getting out from Gothenburg to the sea it will be worth it.

Repairing the road

When we arrived to the cottage yesterday evening the last 100 meters of road up to the houses where destroyed by the last couple of days heavy rain in the area. Not even the my to be father in laws range rover without making some damage to it. So when hade to walk with our bags the last way. Fortunately we hade packed rather light so it was no real problem.

So this midmorning me and my to be father in law where out and worked on repairing the road. To a couple of hours before it was fixed and it was a good workout season.So filled up with gravel and then made it more dense by driving the range rover in offroad program up and down the road, that was fun. Long time ago since I drove in offroad mode with any car or vehicle. Must been when I did my military service.

Anyway now it’s fixed and we all are relaxing in the house.

Friday and Sweden

Nice, have worked some extra hours this month so could a little bit earlier from work today. That nice so I can get home pick up the bags and do the finally thing before we leave for Sweden.

Had an evening last night whee I just could relax a little bit and also start on so other things that been waiting for some time and than I got some time to read again.

Yeah now I have a 3,5 hours of bus trip in front of me but I am looking forward to. Then I get some time to be with G and to catch up on SHL, the Swedish Hockey League and some podcast is what I have in mind right now.

On the road to Sweden

Okey, had an intense day at work and a tight schedule in order to get on the bus in time. Bus is except car probably the fastest way to travel in between Oslo and Göteborg. I am now on the bus and have aten dinner and the hot weather made water bottle just disappear.

Anyway will arrive tonight and will stay at a friend until tomorrow.  Have some musts before lunch and after that will I take the train south to my home town Kungsbacka. In Kungsbacka I will see some family and maybe if I got time also my grandmother and grandfather. Usually call them a few times a week but could be nice to see them.

Just got some great news from my girlfriend that we will go skiing in the Norwegian mountains this winter and have gotten a cabin to borrow.

Hope I can get a post out from the beautiful city of Gothenburg tomorrow.

See you!


Drömmer mig tillbaka till San Francisco

Nu är det nästan ett år sedan jag var i San Francisco. Hann med mycket under mina två veckor där men finns fortfarande massor att utforska. Hade till exempel velat besöka några fler stadsdelar, Alcatraz som jag faktiskt inte lyckades besöka senast och mycket mer men drömmer redan nu om ett nytt besök och att sedan åka hela Californian highway one. Senast blev det bara sträckan San Francisco – Santa Cruz över dagen vilket var riktigt trevligt. Bilden nedan är från en av Twin Peaks som måste vara den bästa utsiktsplatsen över stan. Dessutom är det en ganska trevlig promenad att ta sig upp på berget. Rekommenderar varmt att besöka denna plats om man är i San Francisco. Har många andra tips men återkommer kanske med fler framöver när jag drömmer mig i väg igen eller rent av är dag igen.