5 years of blogging

It’s true, I’ve been blogging for 5 years this month. As you might know I’ve been more or less active in the blog during different period but it’s always a thing I love doing.

So, I’ve stared to look back five years in my phone and honestly was surprised by what’s happened during the last five years. I’ve finished university, got engaged, traveled, got married, lived and worked in Oslo for three years and moved back. A pretty crazy journey when I look back on it. Found a lot of photos in my photo library and not sure they ever been posted on the blog earlier but just to show some that’s happened during the last five years.

By the way I can highly recommend going through the last 5 years of photos. Changes perspectives a bit. I know the last five years have affected me deeply and hopefully mainly for good.

Please leave e comment below on what you’ve done the last five years?

New York, 2013

Oslo, 2014

Rome, 2015

Bali, 2016

Gaustatoppen, 2016


District of Södermalm

This week I’m hanging out in Stockholm Sweden on a work trip so the days I spend in Solna south of Stockholm on a course. However, the evenings I try to do something yesterday I vistaited the museum of photography and walked around old town and the castle. Tonight I had dinner at Södermalm and SoFo. It’s a chill and hip district and I think is valued as one of the coolest districts in the world. And it’s cool and very different from a lot of other places I’ve visited. Trying to take photos and to instagram and blog.

Quick visit in Gothenburg

I’ve been in Gotherburg over the weekend for a quick visit. Not many that knew that I was in town. Arrived yesterday and helped my to-be-sister-in-law to move to her new appartment together with my girlfriend (to-be-wife-within-the-furure) G.

So yesterday pretty much went on full speed and now we are heading back to Oslo. Will be nice to get back home. This is the last visist to Sweden before Christmas so that’s a bit special.

I don’t go back to Sweden as often as when I first moved to Oslo anymore. But guess thats a sign that shows that Oslo have become home more now than before.


Hello Jetlag!

Third day back from California and in Scandinavia. Three days and three countries, USA, Norway and Sweden. First three days I woke up at 04:00 every morning but today is the first day I didn’t wake up at 04:00 so thats nice but I am rather tired but nice I still have vacation and not have to do anything really. Just took a swim in the lake and now I’m sitting in the sun writing on the blog.

Nice to be back on the blog by the way. I have had a few days of problems with internet connections and some traveling and other things I probably will write about a bit later.

Just arrived in L.A.

Last night I’ve arrived in the city of angels and if feels very exciting. Just to land at the famous LAX is huge.

The next couple days I will be traveling in California and I hope that I can blog some about it but depends on how much access I get to Internet.

However, it time to start of the day now and the plan is to see some of Los Angeles today. Great to be here. The journey has begun!

Milan, 3 favorites

A while ago I visited Milan and I’ve got some favorites while visiting the beautiful and lovely city that I’ve spent some time in when G where studying there. So I though I would share some of my favorite things in Milan which I also would say work as an introduction course to it if you’re planing to visit Milan.

1. Appertivo

This is m number one of one single reason it’s cheap, tastes good and includes a nice drink. So let me explain the concept of appertivo. Appertivo is a a bit like Swedish after work or a kind of happy hour. You buy a drink but you can often also get a glass of wine inste but that’s the Italian way have I’ve learned. However do you buy a drink for between 6-10 € and then you get to eat as much as you want of the buffé of various Italian food for free. Of course there are good and less good places for this but in Milan I found the district of Navigli to be the best place for appertivo. It’s also a very nice atmosphere that I really liked and enjoyed. This is one of my favorite thing to do in Milan. I know that the concept exists in other parts of Italy as well for example in Rome but it’s not the same thing and in my experience not as good quality. And if should recommend an Italian drink to have I would recommend the Italian drink Spritz.

2. The Duomo and surroundings

The duomo is the huge church in the middle of the city and this is one of the main tourists attraction. I’ve read somewhere that its build to have 50 000 people during a service. That’s as much people as the entire city that my girlfriend is from. It’s also the church where Napoleon where made king of Italy if I recall correctly. Behind the Duomo are a big shopping street that I really could recommend if you’re into that kind of activities.

3. Gelato

Also good related of at least almost. Italian gelato is so good and also in Milan. So why nit find a nice park or place to just hang out and have a gelato? Just to clarify is gelato Italian ice cream and it’s in my opinion the best kind of ice cream I know.


One more thing if your into art and history the last supper is located in Milan and it’s painted on the wall so if you ever want to see this master piece by Leinardo Da Vinci this is the place to do it. It’s a really cool painting and I’m very glad I’ve seen it cause it’s slowly are falling apart as I be understood it’s so see it if you get the opportunity I would say. However if you want to see it book tickets. Advance because it’s hard to get tickets.

Good luck and if you decided to visit Milan, lucky you and have a nice trip.

duomo milan

Hotel Review: Scandic Elmia Jönköping

A few weeks ago I stayed at Scandic Elmia in Jönköping. The staff where friendly and I got a room at the 7th floor with a view of parts of the city but it’s a industrial area closest to the hotel so it takes away a part of the charm. But always nice with a view anyway and this isn’t a prime luxurious hotel. This is a hotel where you stay when visiting the congress center located across the street and it’s a fine hotel in fact it’s clean rather modern and I like it. Works more than well but for me as a Swede it isn’t very exciting.

The staff where friendly and service minded so points for that. I liked my room it was okay and had a pleasant stay.

The hotel got the service you need and a good restaurant in my opinion.

If you’re out on the road and need a place to stay the night or are going to visits the congress center I could recommend it otherwise I’m sure there is hotels in a more inspiring surrounding or with a more cosy feel to it. I would rate it with 3 out of 5 points.


Away to the cabin

Because of holidays and such as that this weekend begins already tonight. So me and G have rented a car and will get out of Oslo for a few days. Away to the cabin in Sweden and just to do nothing. Which I’m really looking forward to it. Been intense and so many plans and things we had to do lately and quite a lot of trips, even if most of them have been fun it involves some time traveling it’s nice to do something a bit more slow from time to time. From the beginning we thought of just staying in Oslo but we realized that if we stayed at home we would find things we had to do so we decide to leave Oslo a few days to get away for that.

But we will not stay at the cabin the intire weekend we will make sure to be back in Oslo to May 17th which is Independence Day here in Norway and I’ve always heard of this big event and this year I’ve decided to experience it for real in Oslo.

Have a nice weekend.


Recommend a magazine to me, please!

I travel from time to time and rather frequently in one way or another. Sometimes to more exciting and and exotic places or just between Norway and Sweden in order to visit friends and family. While traveling I get the time to do things I usually don’t get any time to do. One of these things is reading a magazine but I have one major problem, what magazine should I read?

I simply haven’t found a magazine more than time magazine that is a magazine that I can enjoy. If you got ANY suggestions on a good magazine for someone who like traveling, tech, photography, hockey and design and aLays looking for some kind of project please leave a comment!


Swedish Weekend plans

Friday and I’m heading to Sweden over the weekend alone in order to meet some friends and family. This is a rather spontaneous trip because I booked the tickets just a few days ago. So now I’m at the bus heading Gothenburg. The weekend I already pretty much all booked but some spontaneous moment will I most certainly get time for. Tomorrow Saturday is the plan to visit my close friend S in Borås the city know a bit unfair called the most boring city in Sweden and the myth is that it always is raining. We will see about that but the most important thing is to hang out with S and catch up. The evening is not decided yet but something will most certainly come up. Hope to get some time with my family as well. Which you by know probably know is a very important thing for me.

Sunday I plan to have breakfast with M and maybe K in Gothenburg before I leave for Oslo quite early in order to get some time in a Oslo to land before the new week starts. Shorh week next week because of the 1th of May which is a red day but I will get back to that later.