The Alligance

I’ve found the “old” tv series The Allegiance on the public tv channel in Sweden which is a tv serie from 2015. And I’m totally sold at it.

Russian spies, CIA and FBI agents. A classic set up for a spy thriller but this one is with twists and turns that I had not expected. Honestly I’ve spent more time watching this series today than I would like to admit but now I’ve seen it all and surprise, I thought it was great.

Have you seen it? Leave a comment and say what you thought about it.

By the way attached the trailer.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

So a while back my second cousin recommended this tv series to me and today I’ve been trying to relax after work and seen a few episodes.

For you who not know the serie it’s a comedy cop serie that take place in a precinct in Broklyn. And usually the cop comedy series are not that goo but this is. In fact it’s a real goo comedy serie and I like it a lot. 

I would grade it 4 out o 5 points.


True Detective Season 2

Game of thrones just finished in HBO but they are not stupid so last Monday, they lunched the seasons 2 premier of True Detective. Season 1 where very successful and I liked it a lot in fact when me and G discovered the first season of True Detective we saw the entire season in less than a week. So both where very much excited Ove the season two.

G thinks it’s good after one episode while I’m a bit more reserved and think it’s at least promising. Like both Collin Farrell and Rachel McAdams since earlier and think they have potential in this serie as well. First episode where mainly about getting to know the characters and introducing them to the story and the surroundings.

Started to watch Nashville

Today I started to watch the tv serie together with G. And so far it’s fine even if I’m not fully convinced yet. But like music and feeling inspired to write some country music. Like writing music but it was a long time since last time I wrote anything last time. So will see if this sets of something.

New Season of Game of Thrones

Talked True detective a few days ago but another tv serie I’m hooked at also this together with G is Game of Thrones. A few weeks we started to rewatch it but in less than a week the new seasons is here so we won’t make it but that’s fine. Really looking forward to the new season and the trailers I’ve been watching for it seams very promising of you ask me.

So get prepared this Sunday it all continues.

Found True Detective

Been recommends True Detective the tv serie and read about it much but during Easter I’ve been recommended it again so today me and G started to watch it.  And after ten minutes I wanted to stop watching it but G convinced me to watch ten more and then we where hooked so the entire bus trip to Oslo we where watching it. 

And now it’s dinner time and time to watch some more. 

Sleep-in Sunday

Sleept-in until around noon today for the first time in forever. Small things like that makes me happy when you sleep-in once in a while.

Then I made some banana pancakes for breakfast and fresh orange juice. After that me and G continued our re-watch of the tv-series friends. So now we have just started on season 8.

This afternoon we took a nice walk around the lake up in Sognsvann. Even if the weather is foggy today as well and there where some rain it was nice to get out in the nature and beautiful up there. If you ever visit Oslo and want to go for a walk I can recommend it.