The Olympic Games 2018

You might have understood already but I love watching The  Winter Olympics. As a man born in Scandinavia I think this is born into our DNA. If you beside that grew up in Sweden playing ice hockey it’s a sure thing. So, I’m suer excited and I will be watching quite some Olympics within the next couple of weeks. So I just couldn’t write about it. Here I just had to share some thoughts.

There are a few things that is more important than other. First of all the ice hockey tournament. I’m a big fan and for me who loves hockey its the greatest hockey tournament of them all. However, this year is the first time in many years that the NHL stars won’t be allowed to join there teams. Its a bit sad but despite this I think this fact will play to Team Sweden’s advantage. Because we got so many players that have been on the edge to play in the NHL but have chosen to play in Europe instead. Both the KHL (The Russian League and the second best league in the world) and that plays in the SHL (The Swedish Hockey League, the third best league in the world). This makes Team Sweden in my eyes the second best team in the tournament on paper after OAR (Team Russia, that isn’t allowed to plays as Russia). But the Russians often has problems to play as a team and that might work to Team Sweden’s advantage. Of course Finland, Czech Republic and Swiss will be dangerous contenders as well but I really think we got a good chance here. Super exited about this one.

Second focus is the cross country skiing and after living in Norway for many years this is important and very closely connected to bragging rights and survival while being in Norway. The most importation thing here to beat the Norwegians for the Swedes and for me (and for the Norwegians the most important to beat the Swedes. Neighbor rivalry).  But the first day of the Olympics Charlotte Kalla won a gold medal and that was a great start!

Then there is some many cool and fun events to watch besides these two but this will be a great couple of weeks. Lets go Sweden!



A place nobody thought someone could live

The last couple of days I’ve found a Norwegian Tv serie with the title “A place where nobody though someone could live”. It’s a tv serie produced by the public broadcasting company NRK and they’ve done 16 seasons. And I just found it.

They follow a person or a family in a beautiful place in Norway where almost no one else lives. The first episode I watched where about an old man that where the only one that live in his village. And it had been so for many years.

Great scenery and fascinating stories. And my wife recommends the show for me and said that we should live like that sometime in life. And I can see the fascination. To live in a little village or so that have stunning views and nature. I think I could live like that for if not all year a large part of it. I think that’s why I appreciate our cottage. It’s not fully like the show but I can find similarities to what I like and my thoughts.

It’s also really funny to listen to dialects especially after been living in Norway. So even if I’m a Swede and talk Swedish I understand the most Norwegian words and part of the language and dialects. It’s pretty similar languages.

Do you think you could live in a place just your family? And in what kind of environment?

By the way I highly recommend you to see it if you can find it.

Started watching Mad men

I know I might be among the last once to start watching mad men but now I’ve started. To be honest I’ve started once before and quit after one episode but tonight I’ve seen two episodes. Kind of like it so far but not hooked yet. So pretty curious to see if I will get hooked on it. Only heard good things about it and the serie looks good, can’t say anything about that. So have you seen it? What do you think about it?

Tv, meeting and Indian

So today have I had board meeting, worked, seen a TEDx talk and seen the season final of True Detective season two. A lot of screens but a got a short walk in the Oslo rain at least where I could call my grandma and my dad and gather my thought a little bit. No work out today either but at least I’ve only been eating healthy and today there where Indian wrapped on the menu in my home and G had dinner for me which I really appreciate. Often its me tat make dinner here at home. Now it’s time to read a bit and then sleep. What have you done today? Interested to hear what you’re doing.

Season Finale Game of Thrones

Last monday I saw the season finale of the 5th season of Game of Thrones. What a season finalle and I’ve got to say the many things where very surprising  and some made me a bit angry but many things where also left rather unfinished. So I got very mixed emotions about the episode. I would say that it have been a good season but it haven’t been the best episode in my opinion.

But I’m still lining forward to season six!

A great Monday

I had things to do right now both at work and outside of it. So during a Monday night me and G we out having dinner at Delikatessen in the district Majorstuen just to get some time to hang out and spend some real time together with out anything else stealing our focus.

The we had a nice relaxing evening at home and watched season finale of Game of thrones and had some ice cream after we had seen the sunset from our balcony. So if was and great Monday. Both season finale of Game of thrones and a restaurant review of Delikatessen will I get back to later on.


Watching the new Game of Thrones

Finally it’s here. The fifth season of game of thrones. First episode where released up here in Scandinavia last Monday and I where so excited. And what a episode it was. At the same time I tried to recall some things from last episode I never wanted it to end. The scenery if the first episode of season five where just stunning. I’m so looking forward to the next episode now.