Rome, Day 2

Today has been the second day in Rome today I continues two show mom the classic and must see places here in Rome. We started Iof with Coloseum and Forum Romanum and the Palamtine hills and got to say that I discovered new places and new stories, especially in the last two sites.

Then I can’t stop to be amazed by how gigantic and what a acraftmansship the Colseum where in its glory and still are. They really knew how to go big, that’s for sure.



After that we took a walk pass by the Circus Maximus and then continued into the neighborhood of Trastavere with all its narrow streets and beauty and we went to a little place that I been recommended by and italian chef. And took a long lunch with antipasti and then pizza and some of the red wine from the house which I’m appreciated very much.

The we passed by pizza Navona today as well and it’s really a beautiful place. After that we continued up to via del corso which is one of the main shopping streets with a short visit in the way at the Spanish stairs. The we went back to via del corso and I found and bought some new brown leather Shoes, made in Italy of course. What else? And then we reached the piazza del popolo another of Romes beautiful piazzas.



After that we went back to the hotel but on our way we bought some wine in the near by store. I have also bought some real italian olive oil and some italian magazines for G and Italian vouge Luomo for me.

Now we will soon go out for tonight’s dinner.