Most spicy beer ever

I’ve tasted beer with chili before but this one where really the next level. But why beer on a Thursday?

That’s a totally reasonable question. In Sweden we have summer normally from June to August. So when it today became a sunny Thursday with 20 degrees Celsius it’s a gift. It’s pretty much as Swedish summer in October!

So I just couldn’t let a summer evening possibility like this slip by without a beer on the balcony. The result ended up in me testing the Norwegian beer Habañero Helles Chilli Lager from the Ægir brewery. A perfectly good lager with a kick of Habanero. And that kick is spicy not just a little bit, it’s spicy for real unlike chili beers I’ve tried before. If you like spicy stuff you got to try it. Truly and experience and at the same time a good lager. However I would probably taste even better when it’s a bit more chilly outside (Yes, that was a wordplay and a Gothenburg-ish joke).

By the way the sunset where pretty good to!

However this years its been quite different and warmer than usually. The summers we are used to however has made us worship the sun and warm weather.

A sunny Thursday and 20 degrees Celsius outside. That’s pretty much as Swedish summer in October!

Worlds most weather obsessed people

Swedes are probably the most weather obsessed people in the world. Oh, the second most obsessed people about weather in the world, I forgot about the Norwegians. So the safest topic you can have with a Swedes about the weather. A classic phrase would for example be “What weather we are having” and the other one will respond.

We care a lot of the weather and we can talk about how it has been and how it will be and even how it is. And the most important of it all is the summer. This I probably because the Swedish summer weather could vary quite much. And the origin to this post is that amazing and probably among the best summer weathers we’ve ever had in Sweden.

There is probably only one other nationality that cares more about weather and that is the Norwegians, as I mentioned earlier. I’ve got Norwegian friends that plans where to go in Norway from day to day just in order to get the best possible weather. Another Norwegian friend says he loves all kinds of weather and when in rainy and stormy weather he just mentions it as “there is much weather today”.

I don’t know any other people that cares so much about the weather, do you? Any suggestions on another nationally that would be able to compete with the Norwegians and the Swedes?

Day off by the Sea

Today is just why I love being Swedish. First of all it’s a official holiday so I had a day off from work today. So I started the day by sleeping in and then a nice breakfast on the balcony in the sun and 25 degrees Celsius. In other words just perfect weather.

Then I had some must do stuff before I leave for the world championships of hockey in Copenhagen and my stay I. South of Sweden at a friends place. But by lunch my buddy S showed up so we made lunch and headed of the the sea. Amazing weather all day and we had a relaxed beach day where we pretty much had a small beach for our self. Just hang out and took a swim in the 14 degrees Celsius warm ocean. Which somehow became the highlight of the day. Love swimming in the ocean!

Now last minutes packing for the weekend! See you tomorrow!

Summer is slowly coming

Usually the spring shows it self from its best side this time of the year but not this year. May in have been among the best weather month during the last couple of years but this year not so much. But yesterday when I walked home from work as I quite often do especially if the weather is good and sunny which it was. I smelled the newly cut grass and the summer and spring flowers and it was wonderful. I made me happy and I just walked and enjoyed in a way I haven’t done in a long time. It’s all about making the most of it and to enjoy the little things in life in between and in your everyday life.


Spring is coming

Back in Oslo since a few days back and work all days so not as exotic pictures as it where from Rome but then Oslo is a different kind of city. However, it seams like the sun has found it’s way and it’s getting less dark for everyday that’s passing by right now. It’s that way it works up here in the north we almost have complete darkness during winter and during summer the it’s daylight almost all hours of the day. In the most northern parts the sun never sets during the entire summer.

But enough about that spring is slowly coming and that just makes me very happy. 


Snow and Dad

It’s unbelievable, this morning alone it came over 20 centimeters of snow. So the buses didn’t go this morning so I had to walk to work which was quite okay because my dad called from back in Sweden so we got to talk a little bit.  Where nice to talk to him where a long time since last we talked. It was a good morning and I’m quite happy about it all. 

And tonight I’ve been cleaning at home and got a few minutes in front of the tv and to talk with G.

Thanks for today and see you tomorrow.


Tuesday weather

Today where the first time in a few days where I went to work in nice weather. That’s just a great way to start off the day. Everything get so much easier when it nice weather.

After work I went for a walk with so where out almost one and a half hour. Nice to just walk around a see the city.
Also rather nice weather during the evening walk. Here are some photos from the walk today.