Towards Oslo

Oslo here I come! This weekend I will meet up with my wife G in Oslo again. No specific plans so far more than hanging out but I’m pretty sure we will come up with something.

I’m looking at restaurants and she have check out a music event with Swedish indie music and a pop up bar with a brewery from Gothenburg in Oslo. I’m also having some cross country skiing thoughts or coasting/sledging downhill. Will see but I keep you posted. Any advice or thoughts on what I can do?

Now the bus is driving the last stretch in to Oslo along the Oslo fjord. Not the best road in to a city I know but without a doubt one of the most beautiful. Few cities that have a more beautiful entrance.

Luxury Tuesday

Today have been a pretty strange day. I’ve been home since 16:15 which almost never happened. Had a meeting after work that got changed into a phone meeting so I got a lot of time that I haven’t expected.

So I made a home made meal (which I usually do but not like this) with steak and fries and a little glas is red Italian wine as I listened to podcasts about the NHL trade deadline, which where last night.

So I’m ready for a new week. Last weekend I where in Halmstad, blog post is coming on that one. And this upcoming weekend I’m heading to Oslo, Norway in order to spend some time with my wife. But first it’s and full week of work in front of me.

Weekend plans

So its Thursday and I will head for Sweden tomorrow evening in order to celebrate my sisters birthday on Saturday. Really looking forward to it and to meet my sister and my family but I will also meet my sisters boyfriends family for the first time so will be interesting and fun to see who they are. He’s a great guy so they are most likely that as well.

My girlfriend has obligations here in Oslo so she will stay here in Oslo and I will see her again at Sunday evening so tonight it’s our night and we will have a nice dinnes together and hang out.

Got so much inspiration last few days so I’m just full of energy and inspiration and will see if I get som time to work on some of my ideas this weekend if I get som time off. Maybe the bustrips, we will see.

Whats your weekend plans?

Weekend plans

The weekend is coming up and G’s family will visit us here in Oslo. I’m looking forward to it and but before the arrive tomorrow we have some things that we must do. 

G’s sister K has birthday on Sunday as well so a bit special weekend. Other than that the plans is to go skiing. Which I’m so looking forward to. There forecast says snow and colder weather which would be great fun. 

Here as picture some me skiing in the mountains a few weeks ago.


Preparing for the weekend

Late night today but I had to clean quickly and to prepare some other stuff. Tomorrow I leave Oslo for the weekend and have a day of work in Friday away well. So the bags are packed an I hope I got everything I need now. I have a few dinners and meeting during the weekend and I will also watch the Swedish championships in life guarding, 

Today I’ve made food and watched the hockey game between Sweden and Canada as well but now it’s time to sleep see you tomorrow. 


Middle of the week

Wednesday day and the middle of the week. Just had a board meeting and find the work really fun and interesting. Proud to be a part of it.

More than that I’ve started to pack my bags for the weekend. Will be heading back to Sweden to celebrate both family members to me and to G this weekend.

But right now I’m taking a late evening walk before it’s time for the bed.

See you tomorrow.

Weekend in Copenhagen

Have been trying to post this for a while now but today I finally got some pictures in from the trip into this post. This is about the weekend in Copenhagen two weekends ago.

It’s was a great weekend in Copenhagen for me and G. We arrived rather late at Friday evening and checked in at the hotel and then went out for a short walk and got something to eat. In this case it was a classic red Danish sausage.

Saturday started off by breakfast and then we got ready for the baptism of some friends daughter in Lund, Sweden. Took the train to Sweden which where very easy to do and worked perfect an took less than an hour. The baptism where beautiful and it where a traditional Swedish baptism in the church and afterward it where some Coffe and cake and we got to socialize with our friends. After that we had a short walk in Lund and had some lunch.

After that we headed back with the train to Copenhagen and Denmark. For a little walk in Copenhagen and then some dinner at the restaurant Madklubben Bistro-de-lux. Then the day where pretty much over since both me and G where rather tired after the day.

Sunday where mainly a shopping day but also to walk around a little bit. After that we headed out to the airport and did some tax free shopping and just relaxed until our flight for Oslo left. A great weekend where we visited all Scandinavia countries.

Great weekend and really like Copenhagen so would like to go back soon again. Then I hope to write some reviews of restaurants and so on as soon as I get the time and post them here on the blog.

By the way I nerver thought I would say this but I love Copenhagen.