Oslo Weekend

So half way though this week as well and it just passes me by som fast right now. But i can’t forget last weekend in Oslo. I had a extra day of because it was a public holiday in Sweden. So I took of to Oslo. Anyway during friday I started with stocks and we got guest and then we hit Oslo where we saw a concert with my favorit partyband Awesomesauce that have a playlist filled with guilty pleasure music from the 90s’ and until today. Music that I’ve listend to when I grew up and still listens to. Then me and my girlfriend G knows half the band but still they are real great. I’m sure they will show up later in the blog again during this year. After that there was a DJ with similar music and we dance until the morning came. Can’t remember when I danced all night last time. But it was so fun.

Saturday G and our guest just hung out in Oslo and where home and played games and sunday me and the guest drove back to Gothenburg, Sweden again. Awesome weekend.

And little video from the concert!




Weekend with my family

I’ve spent a few days in Sweden in order to attend a meeting as a member of the board in an live saving organization in Gothenburg and in order to spend some time with my family. It took me back to Sweden for a few days which where great but it also happend a lot in  Sweden during these days.

The first players of Team Swedens world cup team was annonced and a new royal prince was born into the Swedish royal family. Both events will get posts here on the blog soon.

But either way I had an amazing time home in Sweden together with my family and I got to spend time with both mom, dad, grandma and my friends M & K. So pretty full booked weekend but I was just what I needed. Will make a quick visit to Sweden next week as well but much quicker and in order to attend a funeral. So parts of the weekend will at least be in Oslo, Norway that is something that I also need from time to time just to be home here in Norway.

Tonight when I arrived I arrived to a cold, wet and snowy Oslo and i think it will get a bit warmer within the next few days. We will see about that.

Weekend recap

I had a great weekend first i started of bu traveling to Oslo-Gothenburg during Friday evening together with my girlfriend G. Then I continued up to Skövde earliy Saturday morning in order to attend a life saving conference which ended a few hours ago. By the way a very good conference which I thinks is really good for the co-oporation concerning life saving in the region. And now I’m on the train between Skövde and Gothenburg in order to get a few hours in Gothenburg together with my girlfriend G and her family before we head back to Oslo tonight.

How was your weekend?

Weekend plans

I have no plans for this weekend so far and it feels great because there are a lot of plans for the rest of the autum. Even if there not are niches planned for each weekend but there are plans for pretty much all weekend until next year.

So tonight I think will be a nice evening at home with G and just having a good dinner and relax and hang out.

What’s your plans for the weekend?

Baptism weekend 

Saturday and me and G are in the Gothenburg area during the weekend. We arrived late last night and will stay until tomorrow when we will attend a baptism of the second child o our friends E and N. 

The entire week have we been out looking for a good baptism gift and now we think we got it since a few days back.

Always fun with baptisms to see the proud and happy parents and relatives and to hang out with friends.


Gothenburg Weekend plans

Today is a rather less sunny day but there is a weekend and a Friday just around the corner so thought that I would share my plans for the weekend with you. Once again me and G will head to Sweden. This time we will visit Gothenburg with the purpose of attending a baptisms of our friends second child. Which I’m looking forward to but I’m also have planned a trip to Borås to hang out with my friend S. Borås that by the way is known to be a rainy place but we hope it will be a warm and sunny day at Saturday.

However, the bags are know packed and I’m ready to take of directly after my work tomorrow.

 Been no work out today but have walked a lot so think it’s pretty okay anyway. See you tomorrow.


Having guests

This weekend we’re having guests here in Oslo. It’s a friend of G named S and her boyfriend A. They arrived last night. Where the first time I meet A so where great to meeting after all I’ve heard about him. So last night where all about hanging out in our apparent as I made some Indonesian food and we had some wine and beer. I would say that it was a real good way to start off the weekend. 

So today we will show them around here in Oslo don’t know where we are heading but I guess we figure that out along the way.


What happens this weekend

This weekend me and G have a guest here in Oslo. G’s sister K arrived Thursday and will stay until Sunday when also G will leave for a business trip to the US. So will be alone here in Oslo all week and to the weekend G gets home but then I will leave for a meeting connected to my work as a board member for an association in Sweden and I will I will miss her. So today I will enjoy the good company I’ve got.


Friday plans?

The weekend plans are all set already but Thursday evening and Friday are not set yet. Because of the family emergency I had last week that now are pretty much over I consider to get back to Sweden. Family is one of the most important things in my life. But I guess that’s not a secret that I’m that way.

So in still thinking about what I will do?


Swedish Weekend plans

Friday and I’m heading to Sweden over the weekend alone in order to meet some friends and family. This is a rather spontaneous trip because I booked the tickets just a few days ago. So now I’m at the bus heading Gothenburg. The weekend I already pretty much all booked but some spontaneous moment will I most certainly get time for. Tomorrow Saturday is the plan to visit my close friend S in Borås the city know a bit unfair called the most boring city in Sweden and the myth is that it always is raining. We will see about that but the most important thing is to hang out with S and catch up. The evening is not decided yet but something will most certainly come up. Hope to get some time with my family as well. Which you by know probably know is a very important thing for me.

Sunday I plan to have breakfast with M and maybe K in Gothenburg before I leave for Oslo quite early in order to get some time in a Oslo to land before the new week starts. Shorh week next week because of the 1th of May which is a red day but I will get back to that later.