Spa Weekend with G

This weekend I’ve been hanging out with my girlfriend G on a spa on the Swedish west coast which is a Christmas gift from my mom to us.  So we have been in the spa and in the restaurant mostly and had a great weekend but I haven’t hade the camera or my iPhone with me for pretty much all of the weekend witch might be the most relaxing thing about this weekend but we took a walk along the water this morning and then I hade my Leica T I just couldn’t skip to upload a few of these photos here on the blog.




Snow prediction…

I’m going out on a bold prediction. Right now there I a lot of cold air and it smells like its snow up in the air. But there is no snow up in the air. Because of that I think that the snow will be early this year. The cold air in combination with the rather cold summer. As long as I get the opportunity to go cross country skiing that’s okay by me.

Other than my gut feeling I read that the an America weather service predicts approximately 66 days of snow and ice and I don’t think it will be less in Oslo this winter.


Sunny Sunday Skiing

Sunday and the weather has been great here in Oslo so rather early me and G got out of the apartment and went cross country skiing out in Songsvann here in Oslo. Same route as I did alone last Saturday but the weather was much better today and nice to have company. Skied 11 km today and very pleased with that.

Have a lot of energy today and where beautiful out in the woods today. That is probably one if the things O learned the most from living in Norway to get outdoors and out in the wood. It has also awaken an interest for cross country skiing that I never really had at this level earlier. With that I done day I’m very good but I think it’s a lot of fun.

Photos from this lovely day.

Just arived to the mountain

Just arrived at the mountain again in Hafjell here in Norway. Where here in the autumn about a week before the season started last time and had an amazing weekend. Now i’m back and its ski and winter season. The mountain are prepared for skiing and I am really looking forward to it.

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Swedish country side

I’ve spent a few days in the Swedish country side as I’ve mentioned earlier and it has been great. Just the magic silence of nothing is fantastic. Just long walks in the woods and by the lake. Took a long walk yesterday with the camera. Got some nice pictures of the beautiful nature up there. Is so relaxing up in the cabin. It has been real winter weather as well which is nice.



Boxing Day

I know it’s a few days late but my Boxing Day was great. First I had a long breakfast with mom, my sister M and her boyfriend V. Then I packed all my stuff and took the car again. It was the first time I got to meet G again since before Christmas. So we where on a family dinner with here family outside of Gothenburg. After that we drive up to the cabin in the country side. Last bit of the trip it snowed so much that we could barley see the road.

That means that I had a few days out in the countryside with beautiful winter weather. Have take some photos here comes the first one.


Winter time

Last weekend we turned our clock one hour back because of winter. This in order to adjust to the sunlight. Don’t know if something that done in more parts of the world that’s the case please tell me. Because I had that question in my head for a few days but haven’t had the time to google it yet.

But it’s getting dark outside now but because we have adjusted to winter time I had more sunlight when I’m going to work in the mornings and that’s very nice. Almost November now and I have some plans for November but can’t tell you just yet. You have to wait and see a little bit more.

Here is a photo from a few evenings ago.


Monday back in Oslo

I arrived back to Oslo last night after a few days in Sweden. However it has usually been quite nice weather and rather warm for the most of the times when I’ve returned. Last night it was cold and windy. Not the worst possible but not the best either.

So Monday morning and back to work. Was cold this morning and the summer is now over I think we can conclude that. Autumn is here and winter is coming.