X-Games Big Air

X-games has been in Oslo the last four days and I don’t think I ever consumed so much extreme sports before. Started out Thursday night by watching some skateboarding on tv. And the Friday I watched the ladies super half pipe on tv which was awesomeBut the big thing for me during X-games in Oslo was when j went to see the big air competitions with S yesterday on Tøyen parken. The vibe was great and everything was just so cool and had so much fun. Really hope X-games comes back to Oslo soon again. Then the swedes took one bronze medal and one gold medal which didn’t make it worse.

Then I’ve got to admit that today I couldn’t just don’t watch any x-games so I watched the men’s ski super half pipe. Pretty cool I got to say. 

Have so video from the big air event. Will see if I can upload it to the blog as well later maybe.



Visit from S

Friday and later tonight one of my best friends S from Sweden arrives to Oslo and will stay here during the weekend. My girlfriend G is away so there is some plans. 

Tomorrow we will go watch X-Games Oslo and the big air competition. Which I’m pretty excited about. But tonight we will just catch up at home is the plan.

Will be a great weekend and I’m so excited about it.


X-Games Oslo Tickets

GMy girlfriend came home today in her new X-games hat that she got as a gift at work. Looked pretty cool to be honest. But that made us realize that there is X-games going on in the end of February here in Oslo. Unfortunately G is a away on a trip with some friends but fortunately some my best friend S is here. So we bought tickets to the Big Air finals on the 27th here in Oslo. I’m super excited to go on this event and to get to spend time with S. It will be awesome.


Lite X-Games

Har lite tid över så slagit på NRKplay och tittar lite på damernas final i Slopestyle. Sedan blir det ju inte direkt sämre när det är en norsk jente som tar hem guldmedaljen och kommentatorerna bara skriver av lycka. Sedan är det riktigt skön avslappning. Dessutom så är jag verkligt imponerad av hoppen som tjejerna bjuder på.

Blev även lite av herranas Big Air final också, inte mindre imponerad av de hoppen direkt.

Riktigt bra helg för att se lite vintersport så blev lite annat av bara farten också.