Rollercoaster: Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain

This is probably the best roller coaster ride I’ve ever tried and its also the first one I tried where you are lying down. It’s smooth, give you a thrill and a good feeling in the entire body. This is something new and its great, you can feel the G force and it has all the twist, turns, dives and a loop. I can’t come up with something that I would like to have more from this roller coaster except that it would be nice if it where a bit longer but don’t you wish that in all roller coasters?

As usually I’ve attached a video that can’t explain it but at least give you a hint of what this roller coaster is all about from TheCoasterViews at YouTube here below.

Rollercoaster: X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain

I’ve not been the biggest fan of roller coasters in my life but since I meet my girlfriend G I’ve discovered its something that I really like. So this is only the first post of a many that will show up here at the blog in the future.

So lets start of with the scariest roller coaster I’ve ever tried. The X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain outside of Los Angeles. It’s smooth but it not only gives you loops, twists and dive with you it also gives you music to set you in the right state of mind and rotates you 360 degrees during the ride.

If you are curious about it check it out in the video below TheCoastersViews at YouTube. Then I’ve got to add that the video not nearly can explain how t feels but it give you at least a hint.

Thinking about Gothenburg

From time to time I get to thinking about Gothenburg and a few days ago where one fo those day and when I found this song on youtube.

The songs name is Glenntown. And in In Sweden there is a saying that everyone from Gothenburg is called Glenn. This is after the soccer team IFK Göteborg had 4 players on the team called Glenn and at least two of them where rather successful also outside of Sweden. But mainly I thought the song where catchy. Then the song is also a tribute to that team.

New Years Eve

2014 is coming to an end in a few hours and I’m getting prepared for a new years dinner together with G in the Gothenburg area with some friends. Had a real nice year and will take the few of the hours left of this year to say thank you to all my follower. Now we are over 100. So once again thank you for following me and wish you a happy new year and great 2015 that will be your best year ever.

For be personally it have also been a big year. However, there are also some plans for 2015. I have at least two trips planned and for one of the trips plane tickets are already booked. Will fill you in on that more next year.

The bow tie is now tied, a bit tricky. Attached a Youtube video under my picture for you that will tie and bow tie tonight and haven’t done it before.

Bild 2014-12-31 kl. 15.59

Lucia a Classic Swedish tradition

Today is December 13th and that ‘s the Lucia day in Sweden and also in Norway but it’s not such a big thing in Norway as it is in Sweden. I’ve learned that yesterday while taking with some Norwegian here in Oslo. In Sweden Lucia is a classic traditional day thats very important for all Swedes in general I would say. For me this will probably be the first time ever in my life that I not will celebrate it as you should. Anyway I think I do what I can out of it and today the plan is make some saffran buns or “Lussekatter” as we say in Sweden if I just can find all ingredients to it. Other than that I will try to make some “Pepparkakor” or ginger bread as you say in English.

I’ve been thinking about how to explain Lucia for you follower and I just stumbled over this video that describes it quite well. I know its called Lucia for dummies and I don’t think you are any dummies reading this blog but it’s a rather good explanation. You will see.

Casino Royale

G is out with her job and I’m at home just relaxing and taking it calm after a long week. So now I’m watching James Bond or to be more specific Casino Royale.

I still think it’s the best Bond movie in modern times. The edge in the conversations and the lines is absolutely perfect and it give so much small great things about the the start of James Bond. Really like Felix from CIA a classic Bond character. Would be fun to see more of him in future movies.

Then there are all of the great lines in the movie. Below are a few of them. Really like this movie. Been a real good friday evening.