Restaurant Review: La Taqueria

Last summer during my road trip in California I finished the road trip in the lovely city of San Francisco. I did my first visit to the Mission district in order to watch street art and try La Taqueria which is kind of a Mexican fast food restaurant.

When I got to La Taqueria I have to admit I has hungry, angry and way annoyed by the long waiting line. But I head that this place had the best tacos in town so I had to try it.

Exterior looks Mexican and clean. A nice exterior and sign I have to admit that. However the interior really isn’t anything special for a kind fast food place but it work.

It’s true, everything you’ve heard about this place. The tacos is the best tacos in the world. World can’t describe how good they where I went from this place happy.

This place gets not only recommended by me but I also give it 5 out of 5 points.

If you want to check it out here is the link to it in where can find all you need to get there La Taqueria at


Best movies of 2015

The year are getting close to the end of the year and I thought I would summarize the year by the best choosing the best movies that I’ve seen this year.

1. The imitation game

The movie about how they broke the enigma code. Fascinating story and in all ways a great movie.

2. Spectre

Bond did return in 2015 and in the best Bond movie since Casino Royale.

3. The theory of everything

The story about Steven Hawkin.

4. Mission impossible 5

As always one of the best action movies it the year and might be the best mission impossible movie since mission impossible 2 if you ask be. Also several scence in real Swedish.

5. Woman in gold

A beautiful story that also gives us a small history lesson with connections back to the WWII.

There are more but these are the once that made it into my top 5 list for 2015. What’s your favorite movies that you’ve seen this year.

Movie Review: The Wave

I might have been living in Norway for 2,5 year now and I slowly getting more familiar with Norwegian tv, music and movies. So tonight me and my girlfriend G rented the Norwegian blockbuster movie of 2015 at the Apple TV and watched The Wave which is a Norwegian disaster movie.

I usually like this kind of movies and I got to say that I’m impressed by this Norwegian production. The scenery of the Norwegian landscape is stunning and among the best I’ve seen. The story holds up okay and is no better or worse than any other story for a disaster movie. The acting is also good in my opinion and I like it. But how the use the time of the movie and details in the movie makes me a bit irritated.

However I would recommend it but I will only give it 3 out if 5 points.

Here is the link if you like to check it out. If you seen I would like to know what you think about type movie?

Restaurant Review: HQ Brgrs

This is a street food stand that looks better than the most places. In fact it looks a it trendy and cabin and bbq stylish. It’s not fancy but it probably got the best exterior I’ve seen on a street food stand in Scandinavia.
So let’s look inside it got a few seats if you want to eat there but by the amount of seats it’s obviously a take away place. But it still look good. 
Time to say something about the food. I had the bbq burger with fries. The burger tastes great and you can see that it’s good meat in the burger and home made or that’s at least what I think it is. The burger it self tastes great and so do the fires. It’s also not the usually thin and small fries, these are about thinker and tastes good but have a great crispness that always is good and ads something if you ask me.
Would I recommend this place? Yes. And I would give it 4 out of 5 points. If you want to check it out do it at Yelp at: 


Restaurant Review: Stateline Brewery & Restaurant, South Lake Tahoe

Another stop at my California road trip when I visited South Lake Tahoe.

The Stateline Brewery & Restaurant was the second brewery I visited during the road trip. Its a restaurant and bar in the basement for a more mountain and cabin inspired shopping street with small malls in a similar style of buildings.

I had the chipotle chicken pizza with seasoned chicken, bacon, red peppers and pepper jack cheese with marinara sauce with chipotle aioli and green onions. Never ate this kind of pizza earlier but got to say that it was much better than expected and tasted good. Nothing but an ordinary pizza in my world but nice to try something different and this was apparently the pizza that where most popular and had been on the menu for the longest time. So, enough about the food. How was the beer? The beer was good or I would even say that it was great. The fact is that I could recommend this place only for the beer.

A place I would recommend, especially for the beer. I give this place 3 out of 5 points a real good place that I would recommend this place.


Restaurant Review: The Venice Whaler

During my road trip to California last summer I visited Venice Beach and tried out The Venice Whaler. Located in a unique blue house with a clear surf vibe to it which I really like and its located just by the Venice beach boardwalk. And because it was the first day in California i just had to get a burger.

So I tried the Whaler burger which where a real good burger with the place own beef patty blend, cheddar, slaw, chefs secret sauce and had fries with mayo to go along with the burger. The burger where a real good burger no doubt about that but the real thing here is really the fries. In fact I think they have the best fries in the world here. Its just perfect from the inside and out and the crispness is just perfect. Have never experienced better fries than these once.

If you visiting Venice beach I would really recommend this place and if I would grade it gets 4 strong points out of 5.

If you want to check it out more here is the link to ther webpage:


Roller coaster: Viper, Six Flags Magic Mountain

I tried the the Viper when I was at Six Flags Magic Mountain last summer out side of Los Angeles, California. The Viper was probably the most shaky roller coaster I ever tried out and not in a good way so thats drags down what I think about it. However, this have speed. height, several loops and corkscrews so it does more than okay and I would rank it 3 out of 5 points and I would recommend it.

As always I attached a video from TheCoasterViews on Youtube if you want to check out the ride here below.